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A warm welcome to all visitors and interested parties in the OLOID technique.

Our story begins in 1929 as the inventor Paul Schatz calculated / discovered the Oloid form as a new form, with the particularity to be one of few forms that 100% of their surface tumbles in the inversion. Herein lies the lever for the high efficiency in the movement of fluids. With his research and ideas he has given many impulses and you can track them on the side of the Paul Schatz Stiftung (http://www.paul-schatz.ch/home/) including alternative ship propulsion systems, which this year were retested on the occasion of 300th birth anniversary of the Duisburg inland port (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v381DYll1js).

This technique, which we are developing in the field of water treatment, still has a fairly recent history relating to the economic applications (1993 establishing the Oloid AG, Switzerland, 2007 continuation by HortiMaX BV, Netherlands and 2012 reestablishment of Inversions-Technik GmbH, Switzerland).

Through our extensive experience we can say today:
with the OLOID you can, in relation to the use of energy, homogenise large quantities of liquids (example with only 220 W, up to 10,000 cubic meters of water can be mixed), and also add sufficient oxygen in many applications.
This is at first glance so revolutionary that many experts initially react with incomprehension and scepticism. At the same time the scientific study of the pulse-like flow is so complex that we are only in 2-3 years likely to reach safe and predictable results of research flow of OLOID. Here we are supported by various universities especially the University Rapperswil in Switzerland.

History led from today's standpoint, that just in the applications where the effect immediately after short tests is obvious, for example, improving energy efficiency at wastewater treatment pond, algae reduction in reservoirs for irrigation water or odour minimization with compost leachate, the OLOID technique has been gratefully received. Often the combination of existing ventilation systems with OLOID products to stabilize discharge values and to save costs is a good solution. A further application of the OLOID technology lies with customers, which depend heavily on the power saving or where e.g. no power supply is available and autonomous solutions, such as solar-OLOID are necessary.

Thus, today there are experiences with the OLOID technique from Chile (wastewater) to Australia (pond remediation) and in total about 500 projects were already realized world wide. Talk to our partners or us directly, if you want to visit a project or describe us your application so that we can give you a procedural feedback.

Legally, our company is part of the Neuguss Verwaltunsggesellschaft mbH (www.neuguss.com) and this is accompanied by the management concept that the inversion technique is long-term not for sale and an essential part of the income is available for further development. This way, collaboration with current and future partners are to be improved and expanded, such that a safe haven for this technique is formed and the technique can find a sustainable position in the market. In this context, in 2015 the production in Berlin have merged in alfred rexroth GmbH & Co. KG (in Neuguss composite), so that there is also the possibility for service support, provided that there is no sales and service partners nearby.

We invite all responsible people for stirring processes in companies to meet us and to examine together with us the energy saving that can be achieved with the OLOID in their process. Especially in areas where liquids have to be stirred and circulated for 24 hours and large liquid volumes are involved, it is often possible to save energy costs by more than 50% so that the investment in the technology can be amortised within a short time. That is why we were awarded by the German federal Environment Foundation in 2016.

We are looking forward to your contact.

Andrea Valdinoci (CEO)

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