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November 2019 - Ice-free keeping

Due to the surface waves emanating and spreading from the OLOID, waters can be reliably kept free of ice.
This can be applied in a wide variety of areas; for example, we have the ice-free keeping of dam shutters of a
hydropower plant in Passau and the ice-free keeping in the pelican pond in the Tierpark Dählhölzli in Bern.

Link to the Factsheet Passau
Link to the Factsheet Bern

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Agitation, Circulation, Aeration

Water and energy: key elements of the future. The Inversions-Technik GmbH offers an advanced technique for treating waste water and treatment of liquid media. The machines are used as agitators, circulators and surface aerators. This agitation and aeration technique is based on a three-dimensional and pulse-like movement and on a special shaping of the stirring body, the OLOID. The result: the most economical use of energy and the best possible solutions in the process and environmental engineering.

Technical features are:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Impulse-like, directed flow and circulation
  • Generation of oscillations and waves
  • Full conservation treatment of the mixture
  • Support biological processes
  • Large-scale, efficient ventilation
  • Suitable for combination with solar technology



  • pond treatment plants
  • Sewage treatment plant application in denitrification, elimination of phosphate, floating sludge reduction
  • Ice prevention, surface water from airports
  • Ponds on golf courses and in parks, stormwater retention ponds, oxidation ponds
  • Flocculation and sludge mixture
  • Landfill and compost leachate, surface water from composting plants
  • Water reservoir for industry and horticulture
  • Rainwater retention and overflow basins for municipalities
  • Fish, shrimp, algae cultivation; aquaristics
  • Manure, biogas plants, wine wastewater
  • Algae and cyanobacteria control
  • Mixing and homogenization


The Inversions-Technik GmbH advises you in optimizing your existing systems and helps to reduce your operating costs. Waste of energy harms your environment and your finances. A global partner network supports you locally.
This technology was invented by Paul Schatz:



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