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Agitate - Circulate - Aerate
Water and energy: both are basic elements of the future. The Inversions-Technik GmbH offers an innovative technology for the treatment of waste water and liquid media. The engines may be used simultaneously as agitators, mixers and surface-aerators. This agitating- and aerating technology is based on a three-dimensional and pulsating motion and on a very special shape of the stirring body, the OLOID. The result: a most sparing energy consumption and best possible solutions in process engineering and evironmental technology.

Technical characteristics are:

  • high levels of energy efficiency
  • pulsating, directed flow and circulation
  • generation of oscillations and waves
  • gentle treatment of the composite
  • support of biological processes,
  • efficient aeration
  • suitable for the combination with solar technology.


  • pond sewage-treatment plants
  • sewage-treatment plants: for denitrification, elimination of phosphat, reduction of floating sludge
  • ice free keeping of lakes and ponds, buffer tanks for run-off from airports contaminated with de-icing agents, ponds for snow making water (preparation)
  • ponds on golf courts and in parks, rain catchment basins, oxydation ponds
  • flocculation and sludge treatment
  • leachate of landfill- and composting plants, run-off from composting plants
  • catchment basins for industrial waste-water and for general nurseries
  • rain catchment basins for communities
  • fish-, shrimps- and algae breeding; aquaristic
  • liquid manure, biogas plants, wine effluent
  • prevention of algae- and blue-green algae blooms
  • agitation and homogenization of various liquid media

The team of the Inversions-Technik GmbH gives you comprehensive advice to optimize your present plants and helps you to lower your running costs. A waste of energy harms your environment and your finances.


Partner companies spread all over the world supports you on-site.

The products and processes developed by Inversions-Technik GmbH are based on the inventions of Paul Schatz: